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About Me!

My name is Bella Cassels and I live in Pennsylvania with my husband and our four lovely children, Caitlin, Peter, Anna, and Luke who are my world. I’m a huge history and literature geek and I’ll definitely be posting about all of it. I started this blog mostly to help other people, after my husband and I did so much research into water filters to keep our family protected. I found it’s really hard to find good info out there about what the best water filters really are for family homes so I thought I could help!

We live in the countryside in a beautiful, old house which we love, but the water supply really isn’t safe, with the pesticides in the farm fields surrounding us and the old lead pipes that our water flows through. We knew we had to get our water safe for the kids and for ourselves so that we could continue living here which we just love!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and really learn something about water filters! If I can help just one other person protect their family I’ll be so happy!