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This is the best reverse osmosis system on the market

Investing in a quality filtration system for the water in your home will increase your quality of life, and it can be installed effectively without breaking the bank. There are various manufacturers of reverse osmosis water filtration systems, capable of filtering impurities from the water you use for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. Depending on the needs of your household and budget, you can select a filter that can process the water for your whole house, or you can opt for a smaller filter that fits conveniently under your kitchen sink. Impurities such as unwanted pharmaceutical chemicals, toxic metals, and sanitizing agents from municipal water plants are lurking in your water. A reverse osmosis water filtration system is the best way to provide the safest, cleanest, and most effectively filtered water for your household use.

When choosing a reverse osmosis water filter system, you need to consider your daily water use, household demands and size, in addition to the desired quality of your system. Many companies thankfully offer some type of assurance on their filtration systems, which can put your mind at ease.  Most filters have a 1-year warranty or 5-year warranty. If you are new to installing a filter for your home water supply, you want to select a filter that removes at least 98% of the impurities from your water.  Make sure to choose a brand of reverse osmosis filter that is reliable and has FDA and NSF certificates. These organizations will ensure you are purchasing a high-quality system that produces water fit for human consumption.

The iSpring 5-stage model is capable of filtering up to 99% of over a thousand various undesirable pollutants in water. This system is fairly easy to install, as it comes with clear instructions provided to assist you in putting this water filtration system together.  The instructions provided for this under-the- sink filter is very user-friendly, so you don’t have to feel intimidated about installing it on your own. Customers who purchased this model, were satisfied with this water filter’s performance, and were capable of putting this system together within a 2-hour window. This model is easy to break down and uninstall, in case you want to move with your water filtration system.

Users of this model love that you receive extra gaskets and connections for this model. Make sure that you carefully push the hoses and tubes in as far as possible, so as to ensure a good seal when putting this filtration model together. This system includes a reserve tank, which will hold up to 3 gallons of water for advance use. Using this model, your water will taste better, become odorless, and become softer.  Drawbacks to this model are that you can only draw around 2.5 gallons at a time, according to some customers.

The APEC Reverse Osmosis system is a best seller in under-sink reverse osmosis water filtration systems. The ROES-50 filter uses a micron reverse osmosis membrane that is .0001 micron and 3 carbon filters to remove 99% of unwanted contaminants. This filter is designed with a focus on the removal of pharmaceutical drugs and hormones from your household water supply. On installing, you might want to have a little professional assistance with this model. Unless your sink has certain specifications in order to easily accept this model, installation may be easy, but you may need to make some alterations to your sink set-up.

Some customers have had to drill a hole in order to mount the system. Others have had to call in their superintendent, a plumber, or make extensive changes to their sink and faucet hook-ups to install this model. Be aware that you may have to frequently replace some of the system’s filters every 6 months, which may cost a nominal amount. If wasting water makes you unhappy, you might want to forego this model. As much as 3 gallons have been reportedly lost to the sewage system, for every gallon of filtered water produced by this system.

The iSpring 6-stage unit goes a step further than other filtration systems, because it neutralizes the pH levels and remineralizes your water. The alkaline filter on this reverse osmosis water filter contains half calcite and half red mineral, which produces bottle-quality mineral water for consumption. Consumers will find comfort that this system comes with a 1-year money back guarantee from the company, in addition to offering a lifetime of technical support. This model is meant to be mounted on the countertop, but it can be attached to your refrigerator, coffee maker, or other kitchen appliances.

If you are in need of a smaller household water supply, say around 10 gallons daily, this is an adequate inexpensive system.  Installation has taken users around 45 minutes to an hour, and you just need a wrench and Teflon sealer for the plastic pipe connections. Installation and replacements are easy with this system, and the customer service with iSpring models is quite helpful.  Make sure that the fittings are tight when installing this system, since the materials for its construction are for lighter water demands, and not constructed with sturdier metal.

The Express Water 5 Stage Home System is affordable, removes chlorine, odors, and particles such as silt and rust. The carbon filters for this model are made from coconut shell carbon. If you need extra filters for this model, they are readily available at most major hardware retailers, such as Home Depot. Two gallons of unfiltered water will make one gallon of reverse osmosis water with this model, so there is less waste.

Some users have found complaint with this model, because of the wrench provided to assist with installation isn’t the best fit for the housing.  You may need assistance with the installation of this model, depending on the sizes of your existing sink connection and valves. Installation of this reverse osmosis water filtration system has taken most users, an average of 2 hours. This filter includes 5 different stages to filter your water, removing organic compounds, chlorine, odors, and bacteria. This system follows the standard procedure to remove up to 99% of unwanted compounds in your water supply. Customer service is pretty quick with this model, and you can get a housing change upon request at no extra charge.

The Home Master Artesian System uses larger tubing and fittings than most reverse osmosis filtering systems. Due to the larger size of the fittings and tubing for this system’s construction, the flow rate is doubled. When you use this model, your water will have the pH level neutralized twice, in addition to being remineralized. The small amounts of calcium and magnesium are implemented to improve the taste and quality of your water. This water filter comes with a 5-year warranty and uses 7 stages to filter your water.
Installation process of this water filtration system takes around an hour, as the directions for setting this up in your home are very clear and straight-forward.  If you are unfamiliar with plumbing and reverse osmosis systems, you might want assistance installing this model.  Customers have reported little to no leaks with this water filter, and it runs beautifully for long-term use. Filters for this reverse osmosis system may need replacing annually. The company attached to this model is efficient, happy to help, and can send email reminders about when it is time to change your system’s filters. The pressure on this model is pretty decent and has few issues for many.

The APEC Countertop Water Filter System is a lightweight and compact model, offering users ease of use and convenient access to reverse osmosis filtered water. Due to the way this filter system is made, it is easily connected to most standard faucets with no time consuming installation process necessary. With the APEC countertop water filter, you can get up to 90 gallons of water daily, at 60 psi of water pressure. This particular filter includes 4 different filters to remove undesirable odors, chemicals, and other nasty contaminants from your household water supply.

This particular model is a plus for those who have a small living space, such as a mobile home, studio apartment, or are nomadic.  This reverse osmosis water filtration system has been touted to produce a gallon of clean water within a timeframe of 10 to 15 minutes. The time it takes to produce a gallon of water will depend on your water pressure.  One drawback to this model, is because of its size and construction, it does not come with a reservoir. You will need to invest in containers to hold the filtered water from this system. The filters hold up fairly well, as some will only need to be replaced every 2 to 3 years according to the manufacturer.

When it comes to selecting a quality reverse osmosis water filtration system, you want a model with quality construction, preferably a reservoir, and easy to install in your living space. The long-term effects of drinking water that is less than desirable, is still something to be studied on the impact of your health. Thankfully, investing in a reverse osmosis water filtration system that removes 99% of contaminants, includes a warranty, and uses optimum filters to remove particulates and pollutants is something that can be done fairly easily and inexpensively.

The Home Master Artesian Full Contact System is the best option for your household water demands. While most models typically only offer 4 to 5 filters, the Home Master Artesian system offers 7 filters for optimal filtration of your water. This unit comes outfitted with 1 year of filters, and larger tubing and fittings than other reverse osmosis water filters. You can feel comfortable investing in this water filtration system, thanks to its 5-year limited warranty. The Home Master also contains patented technology, which reintroduces desirable and beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium in trace amounts to your water. This unique feature is a boon to your health, and also stabilizes the pH level of your water. While most reverse osmosis systems just filter your water, the Home Master filters your water with minimal waste, purifies, and enhances your water before use.

Here’s the Best Countertop Water Filter Available

I think you can’t beat countertop water filters for balncing real, effective filtering power with convenience and price. This kind of filter can purify pretty much anything, no matter how dirty the water. If you get a high quality one, it’ll be incredibly low-maintenance (our Berkey filter, which I will always recommend, is basically zero-effort! I haven’t had to do a thing to keep it running. Not one thing!) It’ll probably come as no surprise that I think the Berkey is the best countertop water filter on the market, but read on if you want to see how the others shape up. There’s a lot of good options, and my family has tried most of them over the years!

The Alexapure Pro is a lot like the Berkey, it’s stainless steel, filters pretty much everything including flouride, and stands up to any abuse. It’s a tossup between this model and the Berkey, but I tend to prefer the Berkey. The Alexapure is slightly cheaper usually, so that’s one thing in favor of it. At the end of the day, these two are the top of the line – affordable, effective, and convenient. There really isn’t much more to say than that!


What’s the best water filter pitcher? Brita vs Mavea and more

I can say I’ve tried pretty much every major filter pitcher on the market. Some work, some definitely don’t and a few work really, really well. These are the ones that work. I decided to organize the options by how they performed on a few tests, such as TDS (total dissolved solids) readings, improvement in taste (my water used to taste like a pool there was so much chlorine!), quality of material, convenience, and price. Spoiler alert if you’re too lazy to read (shame on you) – Zerowater is the best water filter pitcher I found on all counts.

The Standard Option

First up is the Brita filter. It seems like everybody has a Brita filter sitting on their counter these days. The good news – they’re cheap. The bad: they don’t really remove anything from the water. While they do improve the taste, TDS tests show that this water filter pitcher just doesn’t actually take much of anything out of your drinking water, besides some chlorine. (which is what improves the taste) If all you want is better water that doesn’t seem like it came right of a pool, the Brita water filter pitcher is for you. (Although, beware some people report charcoal in the water from their filter leaking. I must say this never happened to me, I’m just mentioning it.) If you want something a bit more than that though, then read on.

  • BPA free material: Yes
  • TDS removal: No
  • Chlorine removal: Yes

Gettin’ Fancier…

The MAVEA water filter pitcher is a bit pricier than the Brita, but it’s worth it. The style is better, the material is BPA-free (unlike the Brita), there’s no charcoal in the water, and the whole thing’s just really well-designed, from the rubber footing to keep from scratching your countertop, to the electronic indicator on top showing when you need to change your filter. I really like this pitcher, and as long as there’s nothing really bad in your water, like pesticides or heavy metals, then definitely go with the MAVEA. Great product!

  • BPA free material: Yes
  • TDS removal: Not really
  • Chlorine removal: Yes

The Best Water Filter Pitcher I’ve Found

Now here’s the gold standard of water filter pitchers. The ZeroWater is one of the few affordable pitchers that actually, truly removes the junk from your water instead of just making it not taste so much like chlorine (The ZeroWater does that too of course!) TDS tests show that the ZeroWater pitcher does actually filter out particulates from your drinking water. Now there are more expensive filters that can do this too, but the ZeroWater is definitely the cheapest water filter pitcher that legitimately removes solids from your water. This is my first recommendation every time.

  • BPA free material: Yes!
  • TDS removal: Yes!
  • Chlorine removal: Yes!

Filter and pH-Balance at the Same Time!

This one’s pretty cool too. In addition to filtering your water quite well, this pitcher actually alkalizes the water that goes through it as well. Lots of people report extra energy from alkalized water, and there’s plenty of claims that it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread for preventing cancer and all kinds of other diseases. Personally I’m a little skeptical, but some good friends of mine claim that they felt less fatigue drinking water from one of these. (I bought one after they raved about it, to be honest I didn’t feel any difference) It’s possible that you’ll only get benefits from it if your water is already overly acidic, which mine isn’t. It’s worth a shot if this is a problem for you, what do you have to lose?

  • BPA free material: Yes
  • TDS removal: Somewhat
  • Chlorine removal: Yes

Pretty and Good for the Environment!

The Soma water pitcher is fairly good when it comes to filtering out the gunk in the water, but to be honest where it really comes into its own is aesthetics. This is one pretty water filter pitcher! Lots of the other pitchers on the market are just big chunks of plastic that don’t really look great on your countertop. Not the Soma! It just looks really nice, unfortunately if you have some heavy-duty filtering to be done it really doesn’t hold a candle to more effective options such as the ZeroWater filter pitcher. But if you just want to improve the taste of your already fairly clean water with a really fine looking piece of equipment, definitely go for the Soma!

  • BPA free material: Yes
  • TDS removal: No
  • Chlorine removal: Pretty good

The Ultimate Water Filter Pitcher

The Aquagear pitcher is the bazooka of water filter pitchers. More expensive than the others, the Aquagear also filters out nearly EVERYTHING with its five stage filter. Nothing’s getting past this thing. According to Aquagear, the pores in the filter are only 2 microns across, which is really, really tiny. The filters last 3x longer than most competitors as well, so in the long run you probably save money as well. The Aquagear is my personal favorite, and it’s what I had sitting on my counter for the longest time. If you want to really exterminate the heavy metals like lead, copper, and mercury, as well as other contaminants like fluoride and chloramines, this is the water filter pitcher for you. Remember, you get what you pay for, and this filter is no exception. It’s laboratory tested to remove nearly every major contaminant found in water, and it even comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Buy high quality and you’ll never have to buy again!

  • BPA free material: Yes
  • TDS removal: Yes
  • Chlorine removal: Yes

Final Conclusion

If you have the money and really care about super clean water, the Aquagear is definitely your best choice. (although, if you’re going to go these lengths, you might be better off checking out a more efficient method of filtration, like the Berkey countertop filter that I wrote about here.) If you only care about improving the taste of your water, go for the Brita like everyone else does, however if you want to stand out with a really nice looking water filter pitcher, the Soma can’t be beat. At the end of the day, the best option balancing out true water filtration and reasonable price is the ZeroWater. This is my recommendation for nearly everyone, you get serious TDS removal, at an unbeatable price, and what more can you ask than that? Water filtration is no longer something we can just rely on the government to do for us these days. With stories like Flint, Michigan’s lead problem, and constant contamination of water (some sources say 60% of US water is suspect!) with pesticides from big farms and other sources, it’s playing with fire to not filter your water one way or another. Water filter pitchers are a great first step toward getting control of the purity of your water supply. A little money spent right now could mean you and your family’s health later on.

I found the best whole house water filter system!

If you want clean water without messing around with pitchers and faucet attachments, you need a whole house water filtration system. When you purchase a water filter for your house, you need it to serve four functions. It should eliminate contaminants, soften the water, eliminate trace metals, and kill microorganisms. Many water filters perform some of these functions but not all of them. The best whole house water filter system will keep you and your family free of diseases, and keep your pipes clear to get the maximum efficiency and costs down. Additionally, you want a filter that is low maintenance.

(Spoiler Alert: If you’re too lazy to read this whole article, the best whole house filter in my family’s experience is this one from APEX that removes flouride.)

So Many Filters!

If you are one of the people (like me!) who would rather watch your grass grow than deal with maintenance on water filters, you need one that can run itself and only needs replacements every few months. There are many varieties of filters. Some are smaller and can only be used in two or three bedroom houses, but many have a large capacity and can handle the water needs of large homes with 5 or more bedrooms. You want a filter that will make every living being on your property happy. It should make your water clean enough to drink and cook with. It should make your water easy on everyone’s skin when you bathe and shower. If you have furry family members it should make the water easy on their fur when you wash them. Finally, the water should be free of contaminants when you water the garden and grass.

whole house water filters

Our puppy Marcus!

My Favorite Filter

One filter that removes a variety of contaminants is the APEX GAC System. With its polyproline sediment pre-filter it extracts insects, rusts, and sediment up to 5 microns. The Multi-stage filter removes heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, arsenic and many other really NASTY pollutants from your water. Fluoride is actually used as rat poison (so WHY is it in our water??), arsenic is poisonous, and heavy metals can build up to damage your organs!! In addition to removing these, the coconut shell carbon filter eliminates chlorine byproducts like chloramines, THM, and THC.

If you are not a handy person, it’s super easy to install and only took my husband a couple of hours. You won’t need to give up an entire Saturday or Sunday to work on installing your filter with this brand. I notice a BIG difference in the way our water tastes and smells (No more of that yucky chlorine smell!) after installation and running the water. This is my personal favorite filter for sure, I think it’s the best whole house water filter system you can get, at least at this price point.

High Pressure Situations 🙂

Depending on what kind of house you live in, colonial, split, 3 bedrooms of eight bedrooms, new home or 100-year-old home, your needs for a water filter will vary. If water pressure is important to you (and it sure is important to me!) you may like the Home Master 2-Stage Water Filter. It has large containers for the water which allows 10 gallons of water a minute to run through it. This is great if you have a large family like I do, and everyone uses water at the same time in the morning. When toilets are flushing, showers are running, coffee cups are being filled all at the same time, this filter can handle it. It has four gradients in the sediment filter which makes it great for holding sediment and other dirt. It’s 95,000-gallon capable catalytic Carbon filter will last a long time before needing replacement. Overall it removes 95% of chlorine, chemicals, chloramines, and heavy metals.

Whole House Water Filter

Our house, we love it!

Like the APEX, this water filter is easy to install. It’s even safe to use for the aquarium. Although we live in the country, this filter has been installed extensively in city homes and customers reported that the water tastes as pure as country water. Its huge size makes it low maintenance. You may be able to continue for a year without needing to replace the filter or any other parts. A happy home is a low maintenance home.

Another Great Filter

Another filter that has been used extensively in city homes is the iSpring 3-Stage System. This filter, like the others, can filter all the water coming into your home. It removes pesticides, making it good for suburb and country homes too. It removes industrial pollutants, VOC’s, herbicides, rust, chlorine, and all sediment up to 95%. The filters are 20” x 4.5” which is quite big, and can be used with minimal pressure if you want to keep them for a long time. It is a polypropylene sediment filter which filtrates down to 5 microns while its CTO Carbon block uses coconut shell carbon to maximize efficiency and filter life. It can handle up to 15 gallons a minute. Although not the absolute best whole house water filter system available, it does have its upsides. Friends of ours (hi Kelly and Doug!!) say it’s kinda hard to install so it may be worthwhile to pay a plumber.

The Next Stage!

Perhaps you like the idea of a filter that traps different pollutants in different systems in the filter. If you are that kind of shopper you will love the Whole House 3-Stage System. This filter system has three stages as its name suggests. The first stage is the 5 Micron sediment filter. This stage traps the sand, rust, dirt, dust, silt and scale particles. On to stage 2 where the 10” Activated Carbon filter handles radon, chlorine, and cloudiness. If you want to use the water to drink or cook with it removes offensive odors, cloudiness, unpleasant tastes, and colors.

Anything that the first two stages did not remove is handled by the third stage. The Carbon Block Filter removes VOC’s and chlorine that the first two did not catch. The VOC’s include industrial solvent, pesticides, and insecticides. By the time your water has been filtrated through all three systems your skin and taste buds will thank you. That may be worth having to change the filter every 3 months.

The Big One

There is another Home Master Filter that can contain a large amount of water at once, the Home Master 3-Stage Water Filter. Like the other House Master, it has large filter housings with 1 -inch ports. This makes for strong water pressure. It can run through 15 gallons per minute. The sediment filter can hold massive amounts of dirt. The filtration is down to 1 micron. Again, if you do not want to obsess over your water filter, the Coconut shell Carbon Filter lasts 1 year. The purification system removes up to 95 percent of sediment, manganese, iron and other chemicals. Your water will smell and taste great.

This filtration system is high filtration capacity and low maintenance. This filter is straightforward to install but the parts are a bit heavy. If you live in an area near swamps and that rotten egg smell of sulfur this filter is excellent for giving your water a good taste and smell. It is popular in areas near water and customers like it for their vacation homes. For the benefits, you get from this filter it is a bit pricey but a lot of people think it’s worth it and you might too!

OK so What’s the Best Whole House Water Filter System for Me?!

Many of you may be a bit confused after reading about all these different filters. You may ask which one would most meet my needs for clean water, price, and the number of contaminants it removes, and maintenance. Especially if this is your first experience buying a filter and just want one that will handle your needs in the best way. I personally recommend the APEX GAC System, which is the filter my husband and I ultimately decided on. It removes all the contaminants that the others do, it is reasonably priced and low maintenance. We haven’t had to replace the filters for close to a year! I definitely recommend this filter to first time home buyers. Whether you are moving into a house that is old or new, in the country, city, or a suburban neighborhood, this filter will meet all your needs for a reasonable price and it requires minimal TLC.

Best Whole-House Water Filters

Not related to the article but I just love this shot I took of our neighbor’s cows! Have a great day everybody I hope this article helps!

How I Chose the Perfect Water Filter for My Family

The world of water filters is confusing to say the least. There are so many options it’s staggering, not just different brands, but different filtration technologies and methods. What do we need to filter anyway? Flouride? Hard water? Pesticides? Anything and everything? It’s nearly impossible for the average busy family to filter (ha, get it?) the absolute storm of options and info available to find what it is they actually need.

Well I’ve been there too, I remember what it was like getting more and more confused and stressed when all I wanted was to give my family safe drinking water. It really shouldn’t be that complicated, isn’t clean water a basic human right!? After months of sorting through the endless products and trying all kinds of different things, I hope I’ve gotten enough experience now to help other families find the water filter they really need, without all the hassle.

Water Filter

Let’s Get Practical

The first thing we need to do is settle on what we really need from our new water filter. There are three common concerns with our home water supply that we need to deal with. The first is solid substances dissolved in the water, like lead or copper. The second is chemicals, like pesticides or fluoride. The third is the hardness of the water. Some water filters can solve all these problems, others can only filter out one or two.

Putting It to the Test

Depending on what you actually need, you could save some money by getting yourself a less capable filter. Although not as powerful, you would only be filtering what you actually need to have removed from your water. I recommend you test your water to find out what chemicals really are in there. If nothing else, it’ll give you peace of mind to know for sure what you’re dealing with. You can get a professional company to do this for you, or you can buy easy-to-use test strips and do it yourself like I did. Some test strips on the market aren’t great, but the ones I bought showed the same results as professional testing I had done a few months later, so I trust them!

My Favorite

Of course, some people need the works, they really do have awful water that needs total filtration. There’s plenty of great products for this case too, don’t worry. Personally, my water falls into this last category. Where I live, I’m surrounded by giant corn fields that get sprayed constantly with God-knows-what. Most of it apparently ends up in my well water, based on the chemical testing we did.

Pretty, but too bad about the chemicals they spray!

I knew we couldn’t take the unacceptable risk of harming our young children’s development with this nasty water they drink and bathe in. After trying less extreme options like Brita filters, I eventually went all in for the big stainless steel Berkey filter. I definitely believe this is the best home water filtration system overall. This thing is a tank, it filters EVERYTHING. You could even pour pond water in there (Ew) and get clean, pure water if you wanted! The Berkey water filter is the gold standard for water filters, unless you want to go all in for total peace of mind and get yourself a whole house water filtration system, which will filter your bathing water as well and make cooking with filtered water much more convenient.

Water Filter Types

The five basic types of water filters are the water filter pitcher, the faucet water filter, the countertop water filter, the reverse osmosis system, and the whole house water filter. Each type of water filter has its upsides and downsides.

Water Filter Pitchers

This is a pitcher which you fill up from your tap. The water is cleaned as it goes through the filter (usually carbon-based) in the pitcher, so when you pour water from the pitcher, it’s clean. Water filter pitchers are a great option if you just want to improve the quality of your drinking water a bit, maybe just remove that chlorine taste. Most people get the standard Brita pitcher, but I prefer the ZeroWater pitcher instead, since it does a better job filtering solids from the water.

Water Filter Pitcher

You can get water filter pitchers that truly remove all the chemical junk, but if you really need that much filtration firepower, I believe you’re really better off getting a full heavy-duty countertop water filter at least. The prices end up being comparable, and you’ll get more value and efficiency with the countertop model. However, if your water is already pretty good and you just want to make it taste a bit better, then go ahead and get a water filter pitcher. They’re the cheapest option by far, although the cost of filter replacements definitely adds up over time. If you’re interested in this option, I did a post reviewing the best water filter pitchers as well.

Faucet Water Filters

This kind of filter attaches right onto your faucet so that when you turn the faucet on, the water goes right through the filter into your cup! Sounds pretty convenient and it is, however for some reason you go through filters like crazy with these. They do work, but I’m not a huge fan. Some people swear by them, especially if you don’t have all that much nasty stuff to filter out of you water. If you just want a cheap way to improve the taste of your tap water, these might be the best option for you! I’ve written some more of my thoughts about the best faucet water filters here.

Faucet Water Filter

Countertop Water Filters

These are like miniature kegs that sit on your counter by your sink. You fill them up manually with tapwater, and it slowly filters through the heavy-duty technology in the middle of the keg. Use the spigot at the bottom of the keg to pour the resulting filtered water whenever you want.

Countertop water filters can filter much more water at a time than water filter pitchers can. They tend to filter the water much more thoroughly as well, and their filters usually last a good deal longer. This is the right option if you’re really serious about cleaning up your water, not just improving the taste (which a countertop water filter will do perfectly well as well). I feel pretty strongly about which is the best countertop water filter, so I did a pretty in-depth post about it.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems

Next up we have the reverse osmosis system. There are various configurations for these, but most typically they are installed underneath your sink, where they filter your water before it comes out of your faucet. These things are serious, they’ll definitely clean your water, if you get a good quality one. On the plus side, you won’t have to worry about pouring dirty water into your countertop filter, or filling up your Brita pitcher, since the reverse osmosis filtration occurs before the water exits the faucet, meaning that whatever comes out of your faucet is already clean and pure. The convenience of this feature is a big selling point to a lot of people, and I can certainly sympathize with having one less chore to do!

On the negative side, reverse osmosis systems can be a bit cranky – as a full-fledged plumbing system they also require some expertise to install in your home. I’ve had some experience with trying to find the best reverse osmosis water filter system, so I wrote a more detailed post about it.

Whole House Water Filtration Systems

Finally, the most professional grade, heavy-duty option is the whole house water filtration system. As the name suggests, when you get one of these installed for your water supply, every faucet, showerhead, etc in your house is going to have pure filtered water pouring out of it, trouble-free. This is by far the most convenient option, once you set it all up. You’ll definitely need someone who knows what they’re doing to install your whole-house filtration system, but once it’s working, you are gonna love it.

Whole House Water Filter

Our house, now with filtered water!

There are a few systems that are better than the others, so I wrote another post where I say which I believe are the best whole house water filter systems. A few of our friends have these, and I must say it is pretty nice not having to worry at all about how clean the water is, or having to remember to fill up the countertop water filter like I do at home. However, the countertop water filter is cheaper and really it’s at least as effective as the whole-house filtration system. My Berkey water filter is actually much more powerful than the standard whole house filter! I’ll gladly give up a little convenience for that peace of mind I get from having total protection for my family and myself.

Water Softeners

If you suffer from dry skin or hair, you may want to look into water softeners too. You can get some nice combination units that filter and soften your water at the same time. I definitely notice a difference for my skin when I bathe in hard water compared to soft, pure water. Soft water is much gentler on the skin, and a lot healthier as well. Hard water dries your skin out, and makes you look haggard and older. Over a long enough period of time, showering in hard water seems to have long lasting effects, and you start to lose that youthful glow, as your skin gets dry and ashy. Yikes!

Water Filter Care

It’s pretty easy to take care of most water filters. I haven’t had to do a thing for my Berkey in two years, no replacement parts or anything! If you buy a high quality water filter there really isn’t much you’ll have to do. Getting a whole house or reverse osmosis filter installed takes a little time but once it’s installed it’s hassle-free. You just have to replace the filter every 9 months or so and that’s usually pretty easy. Pitchers do need their filters replaced pretty often, that’s the one downside, and the reason I went for a countertop water filter myself.

At the End of the Day

Always remember, whatever water filter you buy is gonna be better for your family’s health than no filter at all! That being said, I definitely found some water filters were a lot better than others. They’re much easier to use, higher quality, and do a better job filtering the gunk out of the water. And that’s what we really care about when you get down to it!

Welcome to my blog!!

Hi everybody, my name is Bella and I’m a first-time blogger, super excited to share what I’ve found about home water filtering. I got scared about the chemicals and heavy metals in the water after hearing about it in the news some time ago. I felt like my little children were in danger from the pesticides and everything else, and that was just not gonna fly! I started researching water filters and trying out different models until I found the best.

In the process I discovered that the world of water filters is really complicated! I want to share what I’ve learned and my experiences with filtering my home’s water with anybody else whose trying to protect themselves and their families from bad water. It can be done, and it can be done cheaply and effectively. You just need the right product and it all falls into place.

Good luck on your water filter journey and I truly hope I can be helpful to you in your search. I’m gonna be writing all about what I found, and maybe posting some other unrelated things while I’m at it, since it is a blog after all!

I’ll see you in my next post!