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Welcome to my blog!!

Hi everybody, my name is Bella and I’m a first-time blogger, super excited to share what I’ve found about home water filtering. I got scared about the chemicals and heavy metals in the water after hearing about it in the news some time ago. I felt like my little children were in danger from the pesticides and everything else, and that was just not gonna fly! I started researching water filters and trying out different models until I found the best.

In the process I discovered that the world of water filters is really complicated! I want to share what I’ve learned and my experiences with filtering my home’s water with anybody else whose trying to protect themselves and their families from bad water. It can be done, and it can be done cheaply and effectively. You just need the right product and it all falls into place.

Good luck on your water filter journey and I truly hope I can be helpful to you in your search. I’m gonna be writing all about what I found, and maybe posting some other unrelated things while I’m at it, since it is a blog after all!

I’ll see you in my next post!

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