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Here is the best water filter to remove bacteria

Removing bacteria from water is hard to do unless you have a really powerful water filter. Although good for improving the taste of your water, most water filter pitchers like the Brita won’t remove bacteria. Reverse Osmosis units and whole house carbon filters are great products and they will remove a lot of bacteria, but not enough to really put your trust in. If you really want to purify water and feel secure knowing that you have removed virtually all bacteria from it, you need a countertop water filter.

My Favorite Water Filter for Removing Bacteria

The Berkey water filter can handle 15 gallons of water a day, perfect for the needs of my 4 kids. Not only does the Berkey filter out nearly all bacteria (you can purify pond water with it if you want, seriously!) this filter also removes flouride, lead, chlorine, and pretty much anything that could possibly be in your water. My family is safe and protected from harmful bacteria because of this great water filter.

I love this filter, it does it all. I can’t recommend it enough. Protect yourself now!

Another Great Choice to Get Rid of Bacteria

Another excellent water filter that removes bacteria is the AlexaPure. Some friends of mine have this water filter and they swear by it. Personally I like the Berkey most of all, but the AlexaPure certainly does a fine job as well. It’s also usually a bit cheaper than the Berkey!

The Most Important Thing

As long as you filter your water one way or another, you’ll be alright. Both these water filters are great, it really comes down to personal preference. The Berkey is a bit higher quality in my experience, but also a bit pricier. The AlexaPure is a great water filter too, and it can filter everything that the Berkey can just as well. Good luck!

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