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This is the best water filter to remove lead

With high profile cases like Flynt, Michigan in our minds, lead tops the charts for scariest water contaminant. Lead causes cancer, harms our brains, and lessens our lifespans. Lead isn’t as easy to remove as other pollutants like chlorine, but still there are excellent water filters available to remove lead from your water.

Countertop Water Filters

The usual Brita water filter pitcher that everyone has won’t remove lead. The best option is a big countertop water filter that will really filter the water through a high quality ceramic filter. There are two great options on the market. The first is the Big Berkey filter.

My favorite water filter, without a doubt. This big stainless steel tank will be your family’s best defense against lead, flouride, and everything else.

The Berkey water filter filters 15 gallons a day, which is great for a big family’s needs. It is also especially designed to remove lead with its ceramic-based filter. In my experience it’s been flawless. It’s virtually maintenance-free, I replace the filter once a year at the most. I sleep easy knowing that my health and my family’s health is safe and secure because of this great product!

The Competition

AlexaPure also makes a great water filter that removes lead. While I have a Berkey, and love it, I’ve heard nothing but great things about the AlexaPure model. Some friends have one of these countertop water filters and they love it.

A really fine water filter, the AlexaPure removes lead, flouride, and anything else you can throw at it.

The AlexaPure can do everything the Berkey can, it removes nearly 100% of the lead in the water. In addition, it’s usually sold for a little cheaper than the Berkey. If you’re a bit short on cash, this can be a big plus. Protect yourself from lead AND protect your wallet, what’s not to like? 🙂

Conclusion – Just Filter that Water!

To be honest, you can’t go wrong with either the Berkey or the AlexaPure countertop water filters. What really matters is that you get your water filtered, one way or another! In fact, if you want to be totally secure, and not have to fill up the Berkey or AlexaPure every few days, then you ought to look into the most permanent option of all, the whole house water filter. This is the gold standard of water filters, maximizing convenience, and total protection (it filters your shower water too!)

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