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Is this the best water filter to remove pharmaceuticals?

Pharmaceuticals in the water supply are a huge problem in America. Some of these drugs are toxic or carcinogenic, but the main risk is to children’s hormones. The drugs that have found their way into our drinking water are nearly always hormone disruptors, meaning that they destroy healthy hormone levels in the human body. When this happens to the developing body of a child, the effects are serious and permanent. There is an epidemic of feminized men and women with higher rates of breast cancer because of the female hormonal effect of many of these pharmaceuticals in the water. These pollutants are known as xenoestrogens, some of the worst offenders come from birth control pills that find their way into the water supply. The Environmental Working Group has information on how to avoid these chemicals in other aspects of your daily life, but if you want to avoid the main route of exposure to these drugs, you need to filter your water. The best water filter to remove dangerous pharmaceuticals is the Berkey countertop water filter.

Since there are so many different types of pharmaceuticals with different chemical structures, and since many of these chemical compounds are very small and difficult to remove by normal means, I knew I needed a water filter with serious filtering power. When I found that there were chemicals in my water supply, my research led me to the Big Berkey water filter to protect my family. The Berkey can remove pharmaceuticals and other chemicals which are just a few microns wide – that’s incredibly small, 200 times smaller than a grain of salt. Most water filters, like Brita pitchers and others can’t do this. To remove pharmaceuticals, you need the best.

The Berkey water filter is effortless to use, there’s no maintenance required in my experience. No difficult installation like other water filter types, and I’ve only needed to replace the internal filter about every 12 months. I love knowing that my family is protected, and it really is effortless as well!

I don’t have one of these, but I’ve heard good things from friends of mine about the AlexaPure water filter as well. The AlexaPure has similar filtration to the Berkey, so it should be capable of removing pharmaceuticals as well. It’s also a bit cheaper, which is always a plus! 🙂

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