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This is the the best water filter to get rid of chlorine

Fortunately, chlorine is not all that hard to remove from drinking water. Most good water filters use Granulated Active Carbon filters. These filters are sufficient to remove 98% of chlorine from the water, according to studies. For drinking water, the best water filter to get rid of chlorine is the ZeroWater pitcher, which is quite cheap as well. You can get more powerful water filters for your home, but all you need for chlorine is the ZeroWater, in my opinion.

Chlorine-free Showers!

However, if you are trying to remove chlorine from your shower water, you will need a Vitamin C filter. Carbon filters are not able to remove all the chlorine from hot, high pressure water like shower water. For this reason, the chlorine has to be removed a different way. Vitamin C filters have a solid block of Vitamin C in them. Then this Vitamin C reacts with the chlorine in the water to form an inert, harmless substance that washes away with no harmful effects. I’ve found that the Sonaki is the best Vitamin C water filter to remove chlorine from your shower water. You just screw it right into your shower head and it works immediately. I definitely notice much softer hair and skin from using my Vitamin C filter.

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