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I found the best whole house water filter system!

If you want clean water without messing around with pitchers and faucet attachments, you need a whole house water filtration system. When you purchase a water filter for your house, you need it to serve four functions. It should eliminate contaminants, soften the water, eliminate trace metals, and kill microorganisms. Many water filters perform some of these functions but not all of them. The best whole house water filter system will keep you and your family free of diseases, and keep your pipes clear to get the maximum efficiency and costs down. Additionally, you want a filter that is low maintenance.

(Spoiler Alert: If you’re too lazy to read this whole article, the best whole house filter in my family’s experience is this one from APEX that removes flouride.)

So Many Filters!

If you are one of the people (like me!) who would rather watch your grass grow than deal with maintenance on water filters, you need one that can run itself and only needs replacements every few months. There are many varieties of filters. Some are smaller and can only be used in two or three bedroom houses, but many have a large capacity and can handle the water needs of large homes with 5 or more bedrooms. You want a filter that will make every living being on your property happy. It should make your water clean enough to drink and cook with. It should make your water easy on everyone’s skin when you bathe and shower. If you have furry family members it should make the water easy on their fur when you wash them. Finally, the water should be free of contaminants when you water the garden and grass.

whole house water filters

Our puppy Marcus!

My Favorite Filter

One filter that removes a variety of contaminants is the APEX GAC System. With its polyproline sediment pre-filter it extracts insects, rusts, and sediment up to 5 microns. The Multi-stage filter removes heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, arsenic and many other really NASTY pollutants from your water. Fluoride is actually used as rat poison (so WHY is it in our water??), arsenic is poisonous, and heavy metals can build up to damage your organs!! In addition to removing these, the coconut shell carbon filter eliminates chlorine byproducts like chloramines, THM, and THC.

If you are not a handy person, it’s super easy to install and only took my husband a couple of hours. You won’t need to give up an entire Saturday or Sunday to work on installing your filter with this brand. I notice a BIG difference in the way our water tastes and smells (No more of that yucky chlorine smell!) after installation and running the water. This is my personal favorite filter for sure, I think it’s the best whole house water filter system you can get, at least at this price point.

High Pressure Situations 🙂

Depending on what kind of house you live in, colonial, split, 3 bedrooms of eight bedrooms, new home or 100-year-old home, your needs for a water filter will vary. If water pressure is important to you (and it sure is important to me!) you may like the Home Master 2-Stage Water Filter. It has large containers for the water which allows 10 gallons of water a minute to run through it. This is great if you have a large family like I do, and everyone uses water at the same time in the morning. When toilets are flushing, showers are running, coffee cups are being filled all at the same time, this filter can handle it. It has four gradients in the sediment filter which makes it great for holding sediment and other dirt. It’s 95,000-gallon capable catalytic Carbon filter will last a long time before needing replacement. Overall it removes 95% of chlorine, chemicals, chloramines, and heavy metals.

Whole House Water Filter

Our house, we love it!

Like the APEX, this water filter is easy to install. It’s even safe to use for the aquarium. Although we live in the country, this filter has been installed extensively in city homes and customers reported that the water tastes as pure as country water. Its huge size makes it low maintenance. You may be able to continue for a year without needing to replace the filter or any other parts. A happy home is a low maintenance home.

Another Great Filter

Another filter that has been used extensively in city homes is the iSpring 3-Stage System. This filter, like the others, can filter all the water coming into your home. It removes pesticides, making it good for suburb and country homes too. It removes industrial pollutants, VOC’s, herbicides, rust, chlorine, and all sediment up to 95%. The filters are 20” x 4.5” which is quite big, and can be used with minimal pressure if you want to keep them for a long time. It is a polypropylene sediment filter which filtrates down to 5 microns while its CTO Carbon block uses coconut shell carbon to maximize efficiency and filter life. It can handle up to 15 gallons a minute. Although not the absolute best whole house water filter system available, it does have its upsides. Friends of ours (hi Kelly and Doug!!) say it’s kinda hard to install so it may be worthwhile to pay a plumber.

The Next Stage!

Perhaps you like the idea of a filter that traps different pollutants in different systems in the filter. If you are that kind of shopper you will love the Whole House 3-Stage System. This filter system has three stages as its name suggests. The first stage is the 5 Micron sediment filter. This stage traps the sand, rust, dirt, dust, silt and scale particles. On to stage 2 where the 10” Activated Carbon filter handles radon, chlorine, and cloudiness. If you want to use the water to drink or cook with it removes offensive odors, cloudiness, unpleasant tastes, and colors.

Anything that the first two stages did not remove is handled by the third stage. The Carbon Block Filter removes VOC’s and chlorine that the first two did not catch. The VOC’s include industrial solvent, pesticides, and insecticides. By the time your water has been filtrated through all three systems your skin and taste buds will thank you. That may be worth having to change the filter every 3 months.

The Big One

There is another Home Master Filter that can contain a large amount of water at once, the Home Master 3-Stage Water Filter. Like the other House Master, it has large filter housings with 1 -inch ports. This makes for strong water pressure. It can run through 15 gallons per minute. The sediment filter can hold massive amounts of dirt. The filtration is down to 1 micron. Again, if you do not want to obsess over your water filter, the Coconut shell Carbon Filter lasts 1 year. The purification system removes up to 95 percent of sediment, manganese, iron and other chemicals. Your water will smell and taste great.

This filtration system is high filtration capacity and low maintenance. This filter is straightforward to install but the parts are a bit heavy. If you live in an area near swamps and that rotten egg smell of sulfur this filter is excellent for giving your water a good taste and smell. It is popular in areas near water and customers like it for their vacation homes. For the benefits, you get from this filter it is a bit pricey but a lot of people think it’s worth it and you might too!

OK so What’s the Best Whole House Water Filter System for Me?!

Many of you may be a bit confused after reading about all these different filters. You may ask which one would most meet my needs for clean water, price, and the number of contaminants it removes, and maintenance. Especially if this is your first experience buying a filter and just want one that will handle your needs in the best way. I personally recommend the APEX GAC System, which is the filter my husband and I ultimately decided on. It removes all the contaminants that the others do, it is reasonably priced and low maintenance. We haven’t had to replace the filters for close to a year! I definitely recommend this filter to first time home buyers. Whether you are moving into a house that is old or new, in the country, city, or a suburban neighborhood, this filter will meet all your needs for a reasonable price and it requires minimal TLC.

Best Whole-House Water Filters

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