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I discovered the best water filter to remove sulfur

The easiest way to get rid of that disgusting sulfur smell in your water is to buy a reverse osmosis filter that goes under your sink. However if your shower water smells like sulfur as well, then you should get a whole house water filter so that you can purify all the water in your house. I have a whole house water filter because I want to protect my family form the other contaminants in the water like atrazine and lead.

My Favorite Reverse Osmosis Water Filter to Remove Sulfur

The iSpring 5-stage model is my top reverse osmosis system to remove sulfur. It’s effortless to install, you won’t need a plumber or anything. Say goodbye to that gross sulfur taste and smell!

The iSpring is really effective, and higher quality even than more expensive reverse osmosis systems that friends of ours have. It doesn’t just get rid of sulfur, it is capable of removing 99% of all other contaminants – the result is seriously pure water. We even fill our dog’s water dish with water from this filter! 🙂

Healthy Marcus the Pup!

Whole House Water Filters Protect All Your Water from Sulfur

If you want to go all in and remove sulfur from all your house water, including the shower, you need a whole house water filter. Without a doubt, the best whole house water filter is the APEX GAC System. We swear by this filter. With a 5 micron filter (that’s serious filtering power!) this whole house water filter removes everything, including sulfur, chlorine, flouride, chloramines, and everything else you can think of. I just love this filter, it feels good to know my whole family is protected at all times. All our water is safe and clean, from the faucet to the shower because of this great little product!

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