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I Found the Best Water Filter to Remove Calcium

The best bet to remove calcium from your water is a reverse osmosis system. While whole house water filters will remove calcium as well, they are usually a good deal more expensive than reverse osmosis water filters. The best water filter I found to remove calcium from my water, is the iSpring 5-stage model, which I found extremely easy to install. It is very satisfactory for removing calcium – the first thing we noticed was how much easier the dishes were without that awful calcium buildup!

The iSpring is also a good deal cheaper than other reverse osmosis water filters, but I’ve found it to be even more effective than others that some of my friends have. I really love this water filter. Removing calcium is the least of what it’s capable of, it also purifies our water from lead, flouride, pesticides, and everything else that ends up in our water supply these days. We even make sure to fill our dog Marcus’s water bowl using this filter!

The one and only!

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