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Here’s the best water filter to remove Chromium 6

Chromium-6 is a very dangerous chemical that contaminates a huge amount of America’s drinking water. I was shocked when water tests found that there’s Chromium-6 in the water that I and my children drink. The best water filter to remove Chromium-6 is a countertop water filter, since smaller water filters like Brita pitchers aren’t as effective as the small micron carbon filtration technology found in a high-end countertop water filter.

My Personal Favorite

I chose the Berkey countertop water filter to remove the chromium 6 in my households water. The Berkey is stainless steel and so well made – I’ve never had to do any maintenance except for changing the filter once a year, which is very easy. It also removes all the other dangerous pollutants and bacteria in the water. Some people have even used their Berkey water filter to purify pond water!

Another Great Option to Get Rid of Chromium-6

The other high quality countertop water filter that removes Chromium-6 is the AlexaPure. This filter can purify water just as well as the Berkey but it’s a bit cheaper.

Protect Yourself, Filter Your Water!

By the way, you can check this great map from the Environmental Working Group to see if your area has Chromium-6 in the drinking water. Good luck!

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