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Are you looking for the best water filter to remove chloramine?

Many water treatment companies in the US treat their water with chloramine (also known as monochloramine), a chemical disinfectant. Unfortunately, toxic chloramine has been shown to have bad effects on people, even in small doses. Chloramine irritates the lungs, causing asthma and pneumonia and damages the digestive system. Most water filters cannot remove chloramine since it is added to the water by the water treatment plant itself. However, there are a few very powerful water filters that can remove chloramine.

Get Rid of Chloramine

Berkey water filters have a high enough quality carbon filter that they are capable of removing chloramine, as well as nearly every other contaminant found in the water supply.

My favorite water filter, without a doubt. This big stainless steel tank will be your family’s best defense against chloramine, flouride, and everything else.

The Berkey water filter filters 15 gallons a day, perfect if you have a big family like me. I love this filter, our family is protected from chemicals, bacteria and pollutants, and I barely have to maintain it at all! Win-win.

AlexaPure is Great Too!

The other filter on the market that can remove chloramine is the AlexaPure model. Personally, I love the convenience of my Berkey, but friends of mine who own the AlexaPure are big fans of it as well.

The AlexaPure is great, it removes chloramine, lead, flouride, and anything else you can think of.

The AlexaPure can do everything the Berkey can, removing chloramine like nobody’s business. The AlexaPure is typically a little cheaper than the Berkey, but excellent quality as well. No choramine, and no excess cost, you can’t beat that!

Protect yourself!

Both the Berkey and the AlexaPure countertop water filter are perfect for removing chloramine from the water supply. Either one will do the job, the most important thing is that you act now and protect yourself from the toxic effects of chloramine in your drinking water! The only problem with these countertop water filters is the fact that they won’t filter your shower water as well. If you want total protection of both your drinking and shower water, you should get a whole house water filter. Nonetheless, countertop water filters will do the job very well and I highly recommend them!

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