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Looking for the best water filter to remove fluoride?

Fluoride is one of the most common chemicals found in our water, because the government puts it there. They say they do this for our health, but many studies have shown that excessive fluoride is harmful for mental health among other things. It’s not even clear that fluoride is good for your teeth, which is their supposed reason for fluoridating the water. Most Americans don’t even get to choose if they want fluoride in their water or not. Well, now there’s a way to choose – get a water filter that can remove fluoride. One of the major reasons I have a water filter is to remove the fluoride from my family’s water.

Countertop Fluoride Water Filters

Fluoride isn’t extremely easy to remove, unfortunately. You need a powerful water filter, your Brita water filter pitcher won’t really do the job. A high quality countertop water filter sends the water through its porous ceramic filter, which is sharp enough to remove the fluoride molecules. My favorite countertop water filter is the Big Berkey filter.

The Berkey water filter requires barely any maintenace – I only have to replace the filter about once a year. Amazing! This filter can handle up to 15 gallons of water a day, perfect to remove fluoride from the water needed for a big family’s day. Berkey’s water filter not only filters fluoride, it also removes lead, chlorine, pesticides, and everything else!

Another Great Water Filter to Remove Fluoride

The other good water filter for removing fluoride is the AlexaPure. I have a Berkey myself, but I’ve drunk water from the AlexaPure at friends’ houses and this water seems great as well. They tell me they’ve had it tested and found the fluoride to be gone.


The AlexaPure is typically a little cheaper than the Berkey, which may cause some lower quality, but it definitely is capable fo filtering water just as well as the Berkey. Both filters are great, but if you’re short on cash I would go with the AlexaPure. If not, well I love my Berkey!

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